Fabric - Identity + Branding

M&C Saatchi LA hired me to develop a logo and identity for a blockchain company called, Fabric. Through blockchain technology, Fabric gives you back control of your data by allowing you to own and monetize it, so that you can get a cut of the $100B spent annually on digital advertising. The social fabric is broken. Your every digital move is tracked when you shop, search, and share, and then sold to the highest bidder without giving you a cut or say. Fabric is a data transparency movement that lets you take back control of your social media data by demanding that your data be used, shared, and monetized on your own terms. This puts the power back in your hands where it belongs. 

Date: 2018 / Client: M&C Saatchi LA / Role: Art Director / Designer / URL: www.wearefabric.io/ / Tags: Branding, Identity, Logo design /